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2. The main energy sources


2. The main energy sources



Where to find that source of energy that will allow you to always feel enough energy for work, leisure and entertainment?

All energy sources can be divided into four groups:

Food. We eat in order to get useful nutrients, in addition, we feel pleasure while eating. But does all the food we eat really give us energy? It is important to note that heavy, long-digested food at the wrong moment can, on the contrary, take away even more energy and make you feel sleepy, apathetic. Therefore, in order for food to really provide energy, it is important to pay attention to the diet, to take care of fresh, easily digestible products. Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains give us a lot of energy.

Sleep. During sleep, our body regains strength most quickly. We all know that it is recommended to sleep 6 to 8 hours a day. But do we always get the same amount of energy while sleeping? Have you ever noticed that when you go to bed 2-3 hours a night and wake up at 12-13 hours, the amount of energy is completely different than when you go to bed at normal times, 22-23 hours in the evening, and when you get up 6-7 hours. in the morning? Of course, each person forms their own unique sleep regime, taking into account their needs and daily activities, but the most important thing is that the regime does not change and respond to the basic need of our body - to regain lost strength. Then we will have enough energy for both mental and physical activity.

Breathing. It’s an important source of energy that we usually don’t even think about or remember until we run out of air. For example, while driving a bus, we clearly perceive and feel the process of breathing. Be that as it may, it is breathing that is one of the most important sources of energy, and conscious breathing provides an opportunity not only to get more oxygen, but also teaches you to control your emotions. Have you noticed that breathing is frequent and jerky when you are angry, and prolonged and slowed down when you feel happiness and relaxation? Each emotion has its own pattern of breathing. It is also possible to act on the emotions themselves by adapting certain breathing patterns.

Positive status. It is said that positive emotions enrich a person's energy, enthusiasm and readiness to do much more. It is an important source of energy. Is it possible to get a positive state from the outside? In a sense, yes, let's say we can observe how the amount of energy changes depending on one or another mood of conversations. Talks, rumors, conversations on depressive topics take away a huge amount of energy and should be avoided.

In this session, we will explore more broadly how to manage these energy sources

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Task no. 1
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Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

It is important to monitor inhalations and exhalations, air temperature, continuity and intensity of inhalations and exhalations.
At the end of the task, open your eyes. Share experiences.

Recommended task time: 3 minutes; discussion: 3 minutes.
Task no. 2
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Divide the sheet of paper into two parts: write a plus sign on one side of the sheet and a minus sign on the other side of the sheet.

Make two lists: on the side with the plus sign, list all the things, activities, people, conversation topics, jobs, and so on. t., which provide energy, and on the other side, where there is a minus sign, to write down all things, activities, people, topics of conversation, works, etc. i.e., which deprive of energy, cause apathy, despair, and after which it takes time to recover.

Recommended task time: 15 minutes.

Share your observations.



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